Common question – Which is better?

Put simply, an essential oil burner does just what it says it will do – burn your essential oil. Not really what we are looking for when it comes to our health. Essential oils are in direct contact with heat in an oil burner. When essential oils are exposed to heat this leads to oxidation which alters the chemical make-up of the essential oils.

Oxidation transforms the natural chemicals found in essential oils into different substances. This process significantly diminishes the beneficial properties of the oils. And if you’re just into it for the smell, it might change that too! So how do we get essential oils into the air without damaging their amazing therapeutic properties?

Enter essential oil diffusers!

Essential oil diffusers are designed specifically to safely get the oils into the air for your smelling pleasure (as well as to experience countless other benefits!). To find out the details of how these guys work, check out the video in this post. 

Each essential oil has so many different qualities and beneficial properties. They work in harmony with our body to provide an immediate systemic response. Essential oils can impact a wide scope of things from our mood, to the purity of the air we breathe.

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