Diffuse Essential Oils Like a Pro!

If you’re like me and love having your home or office (and even car) smelling fabulous, this video about how to use an essential oil diffuser is for you. Personally, I don’t like using any chemical “air fresheners” because, let’s be honest, most of them just mask the bad smell. Who wants that? Not only that, but I try to to keep my life as toxin free as possible. There are numerous studies that show the hazards of breathing in air fresheners on a regular basis.

So what do I use? An essential oil diffuser! They are nifty little machines that use essential oils to not only eliminate yucky odours, but to purify the air and even to uplift your mood. Talk about an awesome all-in-one!

Using diffusers is very easy. In this video, I’ll show you how to use an ultrasonic diffuser to get your pure essential oils out into the air for your smelling pleasure.

Getting out of a bad mood can sometimes be tricky. I love using my diffuser to get me motivated when I’m feeling stuck. And in this case, I used my diffuser to keep me from being grumpy with my next door neighbours’ construction that lasted for three weeks! I work from home, so you can imagine the joys of hearing drilling and hammering all day long. Especially while trying (numerous times) to make this video.

In any rate, I got out my favourite blend of citrus essential oils, put them in my diffuser and let them do the hard work! Within a couple of minutes, I felt my mood shift. Works every time!

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What is your favourite diffuser blend? Share your recipe in the comments below.